Casket Vision

I have often driven the I-80/90 corridor through Ohio in a state of semi-consciousness. Last year my son and I were on our way back from New Hampshire when we passed a truck which had the following written on the back doors: Matthews International Casket Division.  However, the way the wording was laid out (no pun intended) had the word “division” written across the back so that where the doors came together the letters “di.” were covered up. Thus at first glance, what I saw was Matthews International Casket Vision. Continue reading “Casket Vision”

There’s Nothing Like a Really Good Quote

I love quotes. They are so cogent and memorable,
and sometimes they are even true. On the radio I heard someone say, “I have found the secret to longevity- don’t die.” I also like the quote attributed to Douglas Adams: “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” How about this one by David Letterman? “USA Today has come out with a new survey- apparently, three out of every four people make up 75% of the population.” Here is a new philosophy of life that I hope to experiment with this remaining summer and fall: “When the path ahead of you is uphill, surrounded by rough spots, hazards and obstacles; use a pitching wedge.” Continue reading “There’s Nothing Like a Really Good Quote”

Feel Good to Lie?

Some of you may remember seeing the story some time ago in the Chicago Tribune about a pro-life blogger known as “April’s Mom” or “B.” She posted the tragic news of the death of her newborn daughter, whom she had carried to term though diagnosed with a terminal case of Trisomy 13 and HPE. This came at the end of a nine-month pregnancy which she shared with the internet world. She wrote about her Christian faith and pro-life values often quoting Bible verses and Christian music. People responded with prayers, gifts, and pro-life bloggers rallied around the cause. Twenty-six year old Rebecca Beuschausen could have ended there, but she decided to post a picture of the baby. The picture was identified by some readers as a toy doll. Things unraveled and Beuschausen admitted her deception. Why did she do it? Continue reading “Feel Good to Lie?”