Stralia, ‘ere we come!

   Gloria and I are heading to Stralia (that’s Aussie for Australia) on Christmas Eve, literally skipping Christmas, and arriving on Dec. 26th. We will spend most of January with my dear sister and her family, which now numbers close to 30 people. My sis and her husband went to Australia 50 years ago to pastor a church for a “few years,” and look what they produced– four generations of children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.
   While it is an English-speaking country, the Australian accent and expressions take a little time to get used to. However, I love it and have been working on my Australian in preparation for preaching in a small congregational church in Kurri Kurri (north of Sydney) for a month. I thought you would be interested in some of the words on my vocabulary list:
Ankle biter: small child
Beaut/beauty: great, fantastic
Bogan: young, immature person
Brekkie: breakfast
Clucky: feeling broody or maternal
Cobber: friend
Dipstick: fool / idiot
Figjam: Someone who has a high opinion of themselves
Frog in a sock: sound angry
Good on ya’ mate: good for you buddy
Garbo, garbologist: municipal garbage collector
No-hoper: somebody who’ll never do well
Not the full quid: not bright intellectually
Perk: vomit (so don’t invite people over for perked coffee)
Standard long black with milk on top: a regular-size coffee with milk
Stickybeak: nosy person
I feel stuffed: I’m tired
Tall poppies: successful people (has a negative implication)
Under the weather: not feeling well or a hang-over
Vejjo: vegetarian
Winge: to complain
Youse: you (plural)
   As you prepare for your trip someday to Heaven, are you brushing up on its vocabulary? Did you know there is a language of heaven- and it’s not English? If you read Revelation 4 and 5 you will notice one thing amid all the powerful imagery of worship. The entire scene is all about God – the Triune God. The language of heaven is praise, thanksgiving, and adoration
given to the Creator, Redeemer, and Revealer.
   C. S. Lewis in Reflections on the Psalms asserts, “I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment. . . . It is not out of compliment that lovers keep on telling one another how beautiful they are; the delight is incomplete till it is expressed” (p. 95). Are you practicing the language of heaven? Are you delighting in God and declaring His glory? Don’t be a dipstick, but become a beaut at praise. G’day, mates

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