Your Father sees and knows…

My dad died when I was a junior in college—back before dinosaurs roamed the earth. He taught me a lot about God in our short life together. I remember having this habit of hiding whenever I felt guilty about something—I was perhaps 5 or 6 yrs old at the time. It had to be in a dark place, like under a bed or in a closet. My dad figured out what was happening and instead of treating it like some childhood quirk, he took the opportunity to teach me something about God’s character that I have never forgotten. He referred to a passage in Psalm 139:11-12, which when paraphrased says that if some little boy thinks that darkness will hide him from God then that little boy needs to realize that darkness is not dark to God—it is as bright as standing outside in the sunshine. “So, Davey (that’s what he used to call me some times), if you feel guilty or bad about something you’ve done, just tell God you’re sorry—don’t hide.”

Fast forward to this morning and I’ll tell you another thing I’ve learned about God. I was reading in Matthew 6 and was struck by what Jesus said about our Heavenly Father in verse 8. Again, when paraphrased says, “So Dave, when you pray, don’t flaunt it and don’t keep babbling on thinking that the Father will give you things commensurate with your theological vocabulary. Instead, keep it simple—know why? Because the Father already knows what you need.”

As I mediated on those words, I was overwhelmed with thanksgiving to my Father for not only knowing my needs, but blessing me beyond my imagination. Yesterday, we packed up all our earthly possessions into two PODS, which will be taken away on Monday to an undisclosed location on the east coast. We could not have done it without the gracious help of so many friends from our church who showed up to help move stuff and clean; to bring food, encouragement, and support. I don’t understand why they love us so much, but I receive it as part of my Father’s knowing our needs before we even articulate them in prayer. Add to it the blessing of my family and the love they have for me, the sale of our house and the purchase of another one in Lancaster, PA and those who helped in that arduous process. In addition, the blessings of a wonderful team of medical personnel that the Lord has provided as I continue the journey with Pancreatic Cancer (my last of 12 chemo treatments is this Tuesday!). I am a blessed man through no merit of my own—not being humble here, but very cognizant of my unworthiness and being so undeserving of anything from God apart from his mercy and grace.

So, my dear friends, keep your prayers simple because your Father can read your heart and knows what you need even before you ask. And if you are hiding from God because of your guilt, don’t waste your time. Come clean before him and receive his forgiveness in Christ.

[We will officially be seeing the Chicago area in our rearview mirror on December 23 and will be mooching off our kids until the closing of our new house in Lancaster PA on January 7. Our snail mail address will be made available at that time. You can continue to reach out to us at]

14 thoughts on “Your Father sees and knows…

  1. Cathy Riemer

    Greg and I have always enjoyed reading your “Just a thoughts “! We hope you continue to share with all of us with your new location ! You and Gloria will be missed by all! Thank you for ministering to our family !

  2. Ernestine Allen

    Isn’t it great that we can look back and have wonderful memories of ‘learning’ experiences from parents or other members of family!!
    Two years ago tonight my dear BIM went home to be with the Lord, miss him terribly!!
    So glad to hear that ‘things’ are falling into place.
    Lots of love Tuni

  3. kendrapw

    Dave and Gloria, I’ve been praying for you, your move, your health and your family joy. Sounds like my prayers are having an effect! I will continue! BTW -Did you know that my brother, Pete Warhurst, invented and established PODS?He sold the company a couple of years ago. 😊
    Love to you both. Kendra

  4. kendrapw

    I think that I sent you a comment already… but I wasn’t “logged in” so I don’t know. Please let me know if you received it! Still praying.

  5. Cathy Ann Morgan

    Dave, ALWAYS appreciate your devotionals. Lancaster, Ha? Do you have family there? We vacationed in Lancaster first week of November… It is SUCH a Lovely Pl., Dash enjoyedThe Christmas play at sight and sound theater. Continuing to pray for you, Gloria and your family. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. LuAnn Hoffman

    Tom and I will miss you and Gloria. I went past your house this morning and almost cried when I saw the PODS in the driveway. But, rejoicing in your last chemo and your new place in the world, close to family. Tell Gloria I am blessed by her CD and I will keep reading your blog, hopefully I can figure out how to print these devotionals. You are in our prayers and fond memories.
    LuAnn Hoffman

  7. Jerri Copple

    Thanks Pastor Dave you and Gloria and your family have been a blessing to us. We are excited for you and the next chapter in your life. Thank you for continuing to encourage us in the Lord.

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