The Stewardship of Time

I recently did a Men’s Retreat (actually we call it an Advance) for about 100 guys from my previous church in West Chicago—just the weekend before they closed the camp because of COVID-19. The overall theme of the weekend was “Every Square Inch,” based upon a quote from Abraham Kuiper (1837-1920), Dutch Theologian and Prime Minister of the Netherlands (1901-1905), that because of Christ’s resurrection from the dead there is not one square inch of this universe over which he does not cry, “This is mine; this belongs to me!”

In the future, I will also put up the other 2 sessions that I did, but for now you might want to look at this one. Many of us have time on our hands that we’ve not had before and it may be helpful to evaluate our use of it as stewards under the authority of the Lord Jesus. Also, this pandemic may give us some unique opportunities that we may never have again. I pray that you may find this helpful:

Stewardship of Time

Note: If you would like to use a time audit chart that I mention in my talk, try this…

2 thoughts on “The Stewardship of Time

  1. Jeffrey M Longbons

    Thanks for taking the time to build into the men of Community Fellowship at our Men’s Advance a couple weeks ago. It was great to see you again and hear God’s Word spoken through you.

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