43 Things I Love About My Wife Gloria

USYesterday, was our 43rd wedding anniversary. Some of you were there (Lancaster, PA; June 26, 1971) and are still alive! As a tribute to my wife, Gloria, I wrote this and want to share it with you.

G od-lover, great (wonderful) grandma, giver, glad to help others, grateful when people help her, good cook, genuine servant, gold and diamonds are not important, glued to her marriage until death do us part.

L oves her husband and kids and is loved by them, longs for meaningful conversation, loves to take back roads and explore, loses things but they usually turn up, likes to stay up late but not get up early, lavish prayers said daily on behalf of her kids and grandkids, laughs at her husband’s jokes (most of them).

O utdoor girl, overseas in Africa is where she has wanted to serve, overlooks her husband’s faults, opens her home to the stranger and refugee, open-handed to those in need, oppressed by the computer.

R ank means nothing, raspberry lover (especially black raspberry pie), reads good books (especially about missions), redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, regularly reflects on God’s Word, rather not do housework, really rather be hiking or kayaking, regrets living so far away from her dad.

I nterested in just about everything having to do with her kids and grandkids, intelligent, ibuprofen-free, incurious about sports (except baseball), inflexible in her convictions.

A lways faithful, asks a few questions, an accomplished pianist and marimbist, appreciates working together on anything, always likes apple butter, an amazing ESL teacher, age has enhanced her beauty, a woman who fears the Lord.

Happy 43rd my dear. May our sacred journey continue; may God continue to make our marriage a blessing to others and our love for each other more a refection of His love.

6 thoughts on “43 Things I Love About My Wife Gloria

  1. Rick Benware

    Dave, happy 43rd anniversary to Gloria and you! A very clever & creative message to your bride. So glad God has greatly blessed your marriage and so thankful for both of you and your years of service to CF. Love your bro & sis, Rick & Jodi

  2. Linda Powers

    I remember when we were counseling just before our marriage. A question that you asked us was: “Will you still love Linda 30 years from now?” Your reply was that you will love Gloria even more than you did when you first married her.

  3. reveilles

    Beautiful, sweet, lovely…both of you! I think of you both, and still listen to Gloria’s CD, and miss you, and I look forward to seeing you again one day! 🙂 – Rachel Cobleigh

  4. Congratulations, Dave and Gloria. You are two very special folk in our lives even though we haven’t been in touch for a while. God’s speed as you venture on to Wheaton.

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