The Dangers of Being a Pastor

This is a message that I just preached for a church in Albany, NY in preparation for the arrival of their new pastor and family. I wish I had a chance to preach this sermon to every church and every pastor in the US. Pass it on if you believe it would be helpful.

sermon 2.mp4 – Google Drive
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4 thoughts on “The Dangers of Being a Pastor

  1. Shirley McAllister

    I have watched/listened to the past 4 or 5 sermons you have shared with that church in albany, ny. that has been my church since it was founded over 50 years ago. You were a pastor there for some of that time.
    I want to tell you that I have been so grate ful that you have helped facilitate the transition of a new and young pastor to this congregation. Perhaps this a kind of full circle. At any rate, your sermons to this congregation have been foundational and helpful. Thank you for your work in teaching us..


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